Rogue/Suspect Anti-Spyware Products & Web Sites

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    Rogue/Suspect Anti-Spyware Products & Web Sites

    "Rogue/Suspect" means that these products are of unknown, questionable, or dubious value as anti-spyware protection. Some of the products listed on this page simply do not provide proven, reliable anti-spyware protection or may be prone to ridiculous false positives. Others may use unfair, deceptive, high pressure sales tactics to scare up sales from gullible, confused users. A very few of these products are either associated with known distributors of spyware/adware or have been known to install spyware/adware themselves.

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    1. Bluerinse
      Yes very interesting Trip, it is quite amazing just how many people are trying to make a buck out of the poor suckers that get infected with malware.

      It is probably worth pointing out that the site also recommends some programs, essentially the ones I would use...

      Recommended programs comparison

      And once you are rid of spyware, I would recommend installing this software Javacools Spywareblaster

      Keep it up to date and it will *block* in real time thousands of known threats from infecting your PC.
    2. ffreeloader
      I wonder why Ewido was left off the list. It does a very good job getting rid of malware that Adaware, Spybot S&D, Pest Patrol, and some others leave behind. It's also very good killing any malware that lives in memory, which most anti-malware/spyware is not good at. It's not free, but it sure keeps systems free of junk.

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