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    i know its been awhile since i last posted

    now i dunno what section i could put this under..... either networking, conectivity, training & devleopment... so i chose to stick it under here, (if wrong please correct for me)

    anyway back to my question, as some of you know i got into my It dept at work on work experience, well now i've been doing a few things with them, they have now set me a report to do, Cable Audit of the site..... :blink i have to go round each cabinet we have and view it, think what can be improved, any fail safe's need implementing , test current connections to see if there is any dead one's (if so remove) and then, produce a report on it all.......

    now dont get me wrong i like the challenge but it's just the report at the end i think im no good on... any tips help would be much apperciated, also the manager has not given me a set timeframe so i can go at my own pace but i would like to crack on with this

    hope you all can help me in some way

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    Probably one of the easier ways to produce your report, at least in part, would be to use something like Visio to create your network diagrams. Also, is there any previously created documentation on your network available to you including previous reports of this nature? You might not have to reinvent the wheel here if you can find an example of what they are looking for.
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    I'd go with Visio also, as it's highly geared towards creating exactly this type of report - and pretty easy to get to grips with too.

    Glad to hear your making good progress there, Dave - invaluable experience, even if nothing quite comes from it in your current job. You'll be able to place that on your CV for future positions :)
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    Actually from what I gather from the question he has to present a report on the state of the cabling, port usage, patch - floor port mappings or the like? rather than a physical network diagram?

    in which case excel is going to be your friends

    you can actually use it to create physical looking representations of your patch panel and allows for easily colouring highlighted ports, uplinks, whatever, as well as numbering them
    I have used this method to document over 6000 floorports/patch panel maps, and using seperate worksheeds within my excel file for each patch panel, and a summery sheet using sheet links to link to the appropriate pages :)
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