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Discussion in 'Gamers Hangout' started by JK2447, Apr 22, 2020.

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    While I’ve been stuck in, I’ve been looking for ways to entertain myself. Something non work related and I stumbled upon a retro game handheld called an RG350. It’s absolutely fantastic! Today I played Tenchu Stealth Assassins on PS1. It’s good for every system up to PS1 so NES. SNES. Mega drive. Neo Geo. Game boy etc

    you should own a game before you can put it onto an sd card but that’s not a problem as I’ve got tons of games in the loft. Many systems so all good.

    do we have any retro gamers here?
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    I've got a switch with the NES/SNES game pack on it, plus I recently dusted off my GBA and bought one of those cheap 369 in 1 game cartridges :)
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    I forgot to reply to this the other day, I looked into them and thought yeah, they look pretty decent, then my memory kicked in. I have an app called Happy Chick on my phone, where you can get all these games, which I tink goes up to the PS1, however the later the console, the more laggy it is. I played Zelda, a link to the past the other day on the phone. did a screen mirror so it was on the TV and linked my Xbox controller to my phone via bluetooth, happy days an all that

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