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Retro gaming anyone????

Discussion in 'The Lounge - Off Topic' started by Cockles, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. Cockles

    Cockles Megabyte Poster

    Good day to everyone

    Over the past few years, I discovered a huge catalogue of retro games, ranging from full on emulation to abandonware. I'm sure you are miostly aware of all this, but to those who aren't, emulators allow you to play many, many classic old games EXACTLY as they appeared on the original systems/consoles through creating a virtual console on your system via an emulator.

    If anyone would like - whislt you're having a break from installing servers and the like - I can give you the best links I've found to download these emulators and ROMS (games)

    You can pretty much have anything you want, from Spectrums and C64s, to NES and Master System, SNES and Megadrive and even replica coin-ops.

    Now the laws regarding this (unless some of you know better) are very vague,some say you can only download a ROM if you own the original programme, some say you can't at all, some say it doesn't matter as these games are no longer in distribution, but I will leave that for you to decide. Abondonware though, is perfectly legal (which includes some proper classic PC games like X-Com, Moonstone and Legend of Kyrandia)

    So if you fancy playing as Miner Willy or annoying teachers in Bak To Skool again, let us know

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