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Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by zxspectrum, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. zxspectrum

    zxspectrum Gigabyte Poster Premium Member

    OK i need help with basically telling a tutor that a amber of our group has not been up t scratch but in a way thats acceptable for her to read . First though ill give you a description of what hes done. its for a visual basic project.

    On making code for a timer , the code was way too long so i asked him to shorten it down and possibly try using case select statements, he had 2 answers for this, the first was if its not broke dont fix it , and the best he came out with was tha he wasnt a 'fan' of case select. The code he suplied was 4 pages long and when i eventually got te case select working my code was just under half a page.

    On a user interface design he wanted to use UL for upleft, and DR for down right etc, where as i tole him for it to be more user friendly it had to be arrow keys etc. i also told him thats what the tutor exlained to me its what she wanted . He bafling reply to this was that we should add a form or the user to enter their age to determine what type of GUI they would get adng that his 3 yr would be able to understand his idea etc.

    These are just 2 of the many things he has come out with and to top it all off, as a group we have designed which s getting submitted tomorrow. Not only has he gone an made a whole game, hes used everything he was dead set against in the line of case statements etc and the GUI.

    So i need help in basically saying yes hes great at coding but hes got the attitude of a bulldog licking pee off a nettle, but in a way that doesnt get me in the doo doo

    Any help always greatfully recieved
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  2. simongrahamuk
    Honorary Member

    simongrahamuk Hmmmmmmm?

    Do you have to perform any peer assessment as part of your assignment?
  3. twizzle

    twizzle Gigabyte Poster

    This has gotta go in my sig now, great quote!

    As for ya problem just tell the tutor on the side how you feel, try to do it without sounding like your putting the guy down, but that it is a problem that affects the group. I've had to work with loads of people like that over the years. Some can take the criticism but choose to ignore it and others who would go for ya throat if you mentioned how awkward they are. Its always tricky but has to be done in the end.
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  4. postal postie

    postal postie Nibble Poster

    he has a problem with communication.

    unable to take another point of view

    not a team person

    can't take constructive criticism.

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