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Discussion in 'Software' started by mattwest, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. mattwest

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    Hey people.

    Quick question regarding deploying apps within a win2000 domain....

    If i create a windows installer package, create a group policy and add the software to it. I then add that package to be installed on a specific computer (not for a individual user).
    If a user logs onto a computer in the OU where the package is specified, but the user does NOT have admin rights..... will the package still install?

    I need to install thre packages on up to 600 PC's. Majority of users do not have admin rights, so i'm keen to know if apps will still install when non-admin users log in.

    Any thoughts appreciated!!

    Thanks :D
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  2. AJ

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    Hi there Matt. You know I asked exacly the same question a while ago in the Server Forum here

    It does install as it uses a OS service to to install the software. The S/W installs itself after the PC restarts. I have found that it could take a couple of restarts for the GP to kick in.

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  3. Phoenix
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    as the softwar is assigned to the computer, it installs before the user process starts (before winlogon)
    it usually takes 3 reboots :)

    hope that helps
    we use security groups and app deployment for the majority of our software here, so im garnering lots of details about it i never knew :)

    good luck
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