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Discussion in 'Scripting & Programming' started by sirdragon, Mar 18, 2004.

  1. sirdragon

    sirdragon Nibble Poster


    Hi guys

    just trying to sort out my javascript CIT 124 assesment, and am stuck on the telephone number field.


    I can easily get it to validate just on the premise that it only accepts numbers.

    I am trying to get the phone field to accept () ie (01323)234156, but am having problems
    I have tried with the following 'regular expression' but it is not filtering out the letters, it is set to only include one ' ( ' then any amount of numbers, one ' ) ' then again any amount of numbers.
    Not sure where i am going wrong here, could possibly be that using the escape sequence with parenthis is incorrect, ie \( as i am not sure if a parenthis has special meaning in regular expressions.

    could you have alook and spot the problem area for me

    [code:1:d888673e4c]re = /^([\(])?\d+([\)])?\d+/ //re is set as a var outside the function[/code:1:d888673e4c]

    //regular expression, / start and end of reg expression, ^ start from begining of string, ([\(\)]) ( )=group, [ ]can have any ONE of whatevers inside \( allow these charcters \back slash is an escape character as ( parenthis is used in regular expressions, ? can be zero or one of the pervious, \d number 0-9,+ one or more times
    if (re.test( //should this be set into negative, how?
    alert("The words Telephone NUMBERS generally indicates a number format :)\neg 01232345435")
    return false

    cheers martin
  2. sirdragon

    sirdragon Nibble Poster

    Hi guys

    got a bit further,,,

    re = /^([\(]?\d+)([\)]?\d)/

    it will now check for and accept ( ) will only accept if at least one number is inside ie. (7).

    I have tried to get it to accept a limiter of 5 characters inside the ()

    re = /^([\(]?\d+ {5} )([\)]?\d)/ but is is not accepting it do not see why??? any ideas!

    How would you get it to not accept any numbers before the ( if there is one??????, at the moment 09(0)000000 is acceptable :cry:

    any ideas

    cheers martin
  3. sirdragon

    sirdragon Nibble Poster

    Hi Guys

    do you think I am in the wrong forum for regular expressions????

    which one would you suggest???

    cheers martin
  4. SimonV
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    I think your in the right forum, maybe nobody knows how to help. Javascript is not my area so cant help you. Sorry.
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  5. Phil
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    Phil Gigabyte Poster

    Hi Martin,

    Sorry you seem to be having a bit of a one sided conversation here. I'm afraid I don't know a great deal about them. I had a look around and found this which may be of some use.
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  6. sirdragon

    sirdragon Nibble Poster

    cheers Phil

    will have a looksee

    have u noticed that any location with regular expression somewhere has a mention of ASP think theres a connection ???

    never done any ASP so I have no idea.. :?

    cheers martin

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