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Red Hat Application Stack

Discussion in 'Linux / Unix Discussion' started by aw69, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. aw69

    aw69 Byte Poster

    Hi recevied this email of RedHatthought it might be of more use to some of you

    The power of two open source leaders in a single, SIMPLIFIED STACK.
    Simplified, delivered, and supported by the open source leader, the Red Hat Application Stack is everything you need to run standards-based web and enterprise applications based on Java, LAMP, or Linux standards.

    The Stack combines five industry-leading technology solutions:
    JBoss Application Server with Apache Tomcat,
    JBoss Hibernate,
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux,
    open source databases MySQL and PostgreSQL, and
    Apache, PHP, and Perl Web Server.

    Participate in a free 30-day trial evaluation.

    This low-cost, standards-based platform for Java allows easy migration from high-priced proprietary Java middleware. The Stack allows you to:
    Reduce complexity: Simplify open source use through a fully integrated, updated, and supported application platform.
    Increase developer efficiency: Utilize technologies that are already integrated and tested, so they'll work together from the start.
    Increase time-to-market delivery: Spend more time developing and testing applications and less time integrating new technologies.
    Available as a per-server subscription, the Red Hat Application Stack is delivered through Red Hat Network, and offered with up to 24x7 premium support. It's a complete open source application infrastructure platform--integrated and simplified.

    Learn more about the Red Hat Application Stack
    This is the link
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