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    After I pass (touch wood) the CCNA, I am going to look into the A+ as I need to have a qualification in the pc repair side of things. I would rather self study and maybe do a short bootcamp at the end, so can anyone recommend a good A+ book for this, that is up to date and contains everything on the syllabus etc. Cheers :biggrin
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    Hi Sam

    I'm using, and I know some other members are, the Mike Meyers A+ book. I bought it because i've heard good things about it here on the forum. I've been reading it for about 2 weeks now, and although I am not really into hardware, I need to know it. I've found the book pretty good sofar, I love his writting style, it's pretty easy going, and he make's it interesting if you ask me (unlike MS Press :x lol).

    It also came with 200 practise questions on CD :biggrin

    So that would be my recomendation.

    Also, it seems your following the same route I am for cert's, CCNA, then A+. I was gonna miss the A+ and just go for the MCSE, but my job kinda requires me to do the A+ cert. Good luck

    Anyway, I'm ramblin know :oops:, it's still early here :gmorning , and I'm stressed out with troubleshooting crappy MS stop error messages.


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    We've gotta pin this somewhere because it's probably one of the most commonly asked A+ questions on the forum. The Mike Meyers A+ All-In-One Certification Exam Guide is probably "the" self-study guide for this cert. If you are savvy enough to be studying for the CCNA, I imagine, you've got the skill set to master this exam and probably already assemble and disassemble computer hardware in your sleep.

    I took an A+ hardware course in my program at school but I had absolutely no computer maintenance experience prior, so I really needed it. Let us know if you have any A+ specfic (or any other kind, of course) questions once you start studying for this cert. In the meantime, how's the CCNA studies going?
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    Thanks you two - Mike Meyers it is then, it's great that it comes with a practise questions CD, my favourite way to 'revise'. I know a fair amount about hardware i.e. I can put a computer together, fix basic problems and stuff, and the A+ will build up my knowledge to a qualification standard and I'll have something to show for it :D

    I probably should have done it first, but I've started the CCNA now. Yeah I am hopefully going to find a company that will pay for me to do the MCSE while I'm with them, that's why I'll need the A+.

    Thanks Tripwire I'll let you know - won't be for a while yet, but I am aiming to pass the CCNA before Christmas! It's going fine, got myself a 2501 and 2503, and I'm waiting for a switch now, turns out a 1900 is enough because it has two 100mb ports which is fine. Switching is the bit I find hardest, like understanding the theory behind it. STP and vlan trunking blah blah blah! I've mastered subnetting though! :D

    Ok now I'm rambling! xx

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