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Read/Write to NTFS

Discussion in 'Linux / Unix Discussion' started by ffreeloader, Jul 16, 2006.

  1. ffreeloader

    ffreeloader Terabyte Poster

    The Linux-NTFS project has just announced that they have released a read-write driver with unlimited creation and deletion of files on NTFS formatted hard drives.

    The link above is to the announcement on SourceForge. I found very little about this on the Linux-NTFS site itself but there is a big discussion happening on /. about it with several people saying they have used it with flawless results.

    This is big news as now dual boot systems will not need a FAT32 partition for transferring files between the Linux and Windows installs. This will also allow for much more virus/malware cleanup work to be done from Linux live cd's.
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    Honorary Member

    UCHEEKYMONKEY R.I.P - gone but never forgotten. Gold Member

    Surely not! It's fine if your using Linux and XP but what about win98? That still needs primary dos err Fat32? doesn't it?

    In MM lab books most of the OS is win98, and if your studying A+ cert you still need fat32 if you want multiple booting!

    Anyway you can always use gparted!
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  3. ffreeloader

    ffreeloader Terabyte Poster

    I guess I don't quite understand the point of your post. Linux has had read-write access to FAT32 drives for a long time. However, on NTFS partitions access has been pretty much limited to reading NTFS. That's why a FAT32 partition was needed as a point of common reference for both systems as Windows doesn't natively do any Linux file systems.

    The write access to NTFS has been very limited. Now Linux has unlimited access to NTFS. This is a very big deal as any "modern" windows system is formatted with NTFS by default.

    GParted is the name of a program that is found in a lot of Linux distro's including the RIPLinux live cd I referenced elsewhere here on CF. The GParted live cd is also rather limited compared to the RIPLinux live cd. GParted will resize, format, delete, etc... NTFS partitions, but it doesn't allow you to read and write files to an NTFS partition.
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  4. Bluerinse
    Honorary Member

    Bluerinse Exabyte Poster

    Thanks Freddy, I really think that the facility to easily read/write to NTFS partitions, is the key to make Linux useful to the masses and especially useful for Windows admins.

    Interoperability is the buzz word for today :biggrin
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  5. Jellyman_4eva

    Jellyman_4eva Byte Poster

    I would agree, this is very good news...

    Now I am simply waiting for the time where I will not even need to partition my system to install Linux dual boot. Simpy install Linux into a folder on my already formatted single partition XP Pro installation, and let Linux use the top directory as its root...

    Now that would be cool...

    These things are very clever...
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  6. zimbo
    Honorary Member

    zimbo Petabyte Poster

    Thats is indeed very good news... thanks freddy! :biggrin
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  7. tripwire45
    Honorary Member

    tripwire45 Zettabyte Poster

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