Randomly tell me what should I study to cover application layer?

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    [​IMG] I got no idea about what to study. I know even you've got no idea but use your experience and tell me learning what would be useful (Not for exam but in real life as well as a linux admin).
    The exam is going to be very easy, so I don't care about exam.

    5.5 Application layer: Web (HTTP & HTTPS), File Transfer (FTP, PuTTY, Win SCP), Electronic Mail,
    DNS, P2P Applications, Socket Programming, Application server concept, and Concept of traffic
    analyzer (MRTG, PRTG, SNMP, Packet tracer, Wireshark).

    This comes for 2 marks in our Engineering License Exam [​IMG]

    The questions from here are going to be very easy like this:(Can't share link)

    Problem is I've already bought good books on this subject and I am very much interested in learning computer networking.

    So, I want to learn them in depth. Can you give me a roadmap of what should I cover in these topics?

    For example, while learning about HTTP, what topics should I cover? When learning about DNS, what topics should I cover? These subjects have whole books of their own. But just tell me stuffs that I can learn within 25 pages of a textbook.

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