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Ramesys Learning Platform

Discussion in 'Software' started by Colin1, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. Colin1

    Colin1 Byte Poster

    Hello Guys,

    As I work in education I am often lumbered with different projects and inititives that are devised by the higher authorites when something needs to be done. Working in the IT sector of education this is esspecially so. Anyone is currently working in education in Liverpool will know that in May 2008 it is compulsary that all schools have the Ramesys Assimilate learning platform, or Virtual learning envrionment (VLE) if you like. I attended the BETT event on Wednesday and was shown the first pilot version of this platform. I was wandering if anyone has already got this in place because I have been placed in chrage of the management of the system when we get it. Its a pretty straight forward interface that is basically aimed at making it as easy as possible for kids to persoanlise their workspace and submit work. The tehnical aspect of the platform is a lot less complex than the likes of Moodle, and frog teacher which are other learning platforms. So if anyone has got any informaton that may help then bring it on.

    Cheers Guys, Keep Smiling

    C :biggrin
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