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Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by gr33nfing3r, Apr 3, 2005.

  1. gr33nfing3r

    gr33nfing3r New Member

    well to start off ive been doing this course (pc master) for about a year now, i aint happy with it, the stuff in there is older than my grandmother. im only half way through because ive not got much time on my hands, wat with 3 kids and a job that involes shite work.

    so anyway if anyone is doing/completed this course could u awnser these questions for me.

    oh and i didnt know i would have to take a loan to pay, the guy at the interview said nothing about a loan, or if i missed a payment id have to pay an extra £30, even tho ive missed about 3-4 payments ive payed em about 3 days later wen ive been payed, but they still insist on charging me 30 bucks, ive told em they wont be getting this.

    1. do you get a C&G qualification or something simlelar, and not a cetificate to say you passed the course.

    2. is there a deadline to completing this course, ive been told at the interview, that its study at your own time, so in other words 'take as long as you want'

    3. do you think the course is outdated, ive been thinking it is, i mean what sort of company in todays world uses dot matrix printers, so why learn about them, they havent got anything on TFT moniter's and most ov the offices, banks ect are using TFT monitors.

    4. if you fail first time , you can do the course again without no extra chargre, in other words second time is free.

    thanks for your time if u can awnser these.
  2. Arroryn

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    I'm unsure on the first one, as I am doing a different course to you, but I'd assume so.

    2) I was told at my interview, and my course material states, about 21 months - I think 28 without incurring 'extra charges'.

    3) Haven't got anything about dot matrix printers, but my course has once referred to USB as 'new', and doesn't mention XP. I'm using sites like this one to complement any holes in the learning there.

    4) That is correct, though I'd get some specific T&C on that - I was told 'if you complete the course and take the advise of your tutors' - which is, by and large, a vague statement. Ask for written details and find out where you stand.
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    those dot matrix printers are still out there. as they are an impact printer they are used where duplicates are required. i used to have to service them in our accounts department. but as for tfts....... i just hope they are saving those up for when you move on to portable devices, as even an old course would acknowledge that laptops have lcd screens
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  4. gr33nfing3r

    gr33nfing3r New Member

    ok thanks.
    i have a few more lol
    they told me there would be practical lessons, if any ov u attended one, roughly how far out ov your city did you have to travell, or did they arange one in a special room in a hotel or something.

    oh and ive noticed they havent got anything about xp,,,dont think ive seen ME tbh.

    i think ill do an email ov complaint to my tutor, and ask why xp aint in there, and other stuff.

    also i wonder to myself, if any ov u was visited by the same guy i had an interview with, he was quite freeky, evry time i spoke his mouth would move (not say nothing) as if he knew wat i was gunna say,,,wierd :blink
  5. peplogic

    peplogic New Member

    I was told that there where tranings days on saturdays but since then nothing and was told that exams are in the £2,500 price but there not seems to me when i e-mail my tutors that they dont know what i'm goin gon about and that there just taken the answer i want out of the folders!!!
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