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Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by Juelz, May 7, 2016.

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    so there are some seasoned vets here who have been in IT before the birth of christ and at one point you would have been a novice, you may have known how to use a computer but wouldnt have known how to fix one or troubleshoot a network, setup a server etc. Id like to know how did you learn all these things? Did anyone train you? I currently work on a helpdesk and tbh I have had next to no training, when I get server related issues and some networking issues I struggle like mad and often get into a panic. If its a simple OS issue or hardware I feel like a God fixing their issue instantly. I basically need to get to grips with networking which I am not that concerned about tbh as I do have some basic knowledge enough to often get by, but server related issues basically consist of me blagging like crazy and hoping for the best, when dealing with these issues I litterally do not know where to start or what I am even looking at..

    I can only assume you were once in my shoes so really Im looking for advice.

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    I started out aged 14 trying to learn the CLI on AmigaDOS, also bit AMOS basic, 68k assembler, then college.

    I must spent hours trying to teach myself various things in those early days, and i rarely gave up even if a basic problem took 4 hours.

    Apart from college I class myself as almost entirely self taught, would have loved to have had a mentor and not 20 years hard graft, but that is just not how it worked out, and I suspect that is pretty common.

    Often the times when you are struggling with a tough problem is when you learn the most.

    When the internet was in its infancy I used to try to read lots of books to learn, now I do a lot of online CBT's. The resources now are amazing, there are online answers for almost everything, all it takes is a willingness to learn.
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    For me, it's what came naturally to me. Having early exposure to IT and also having a keen interest. I'm completely self-taught and have done well for myself, but I should be further on in my career than I currently am.

    I echo this, willingness to learn is something I'm lacking at the moment.
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