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Q&A: The TV licence and your PC

Discussion in 'News' started by Mr.Cheeks, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. Mr.Cheeks

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    Q&A: The TV licence and your PC

    Firms that let staff watch the World Cup on broadband have been warned they could be fined £1,000 if they do not have a TV licence.

    With the BBC streaming more than 50 hours of World Cup football to UK internet users, the TV Licensing Authority says it is poised to target businesses that break the rules.

    Do I need a licence?????

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    1. noelg24
      I havent read the whole article but I dont think I need to. I think its [email protected] that if you watch the World Cup via the internet you have to pay TV Licence. I mean its not like you're able to watch other programs before or after the matches so why would you pay TV licence? On top of that its not like the BBC are showing all the games are they? I don't care if you watch it at work or at home over the Internet, if you ask me its atrocious the BBC asking us to pay TV licence...I mean they were the ones who wanted to broadcast the matches over the Internet...good job ITV dont follow suit...
    2. slyuen
      it says from TV stations within the UK?

      I receive all my TV signals from overseas TV channel links (all private links)...via a VPN set-up....i.e. Cable TV Hong Kong......will I need a license? I don't think so......

      BBC is already getting revenue from Ads..........why still charge a TV licence? Many other top-list countries don't!

      TV license should be scrapped immediately! and they should refund the money they've already taken from us.
    3. Phoenix
      TV license is the reason we have one of the best TV broadcasting company in the world and yes you bloody well should pay if your watching the world cup from the BBC over the net, on your phone, or any other medium

      it shocks me that a generation that spends 200 quid on a pair of nike trainers doesnt want to pay 100 quid to watch whats actually really good TV

      and football matches are some of the most expensive things the BBC pay for, which is why they dont usually do it due to the ammount of people who think its a waste of thier license fee to spend it on that trash
      to find out people are watching it for free makes me even more pissed off, pay up, or go watch sky/itv or some other crud channel with 45% ads :)

      Top rate country? to whom are you refering? the ones that have 8 mins of ads every 15 mins? i hope not!
    4. noelg24
      but Phoenix I dont watch TV anymore...and also some of the matches are being shown at 8pm and I dont get home til about 8.30pm so I catch the 2nd half to watch it over the Internet via the BBC website...so ur telling me I should pay £100 for watching 45min of a World Cup match when I dont watch anything else? And TV aint good anymore, there is loads of [email protected] on these days...me? I just prefer to watch me DVDs when I have the time...and I agree with slyuen, scrap the TV licence altogether...
    5. Bluerinse
      There is no TV licence here in Oz and there is *no* good TV either. I would happily pay a TV licence *if* that money would bring me the BBC :wink:
    6. wizard
      In my opinion the crux of the TV licence is that if you have any equipment that is capable of receiving a transmission i.e. got a tuner then you have to have a licence. So if you have a TV card with a tuner in your comp, then you have to pay as it is capable of receiving a transmission.

      Remove the tuner then no probs.
    7. Phoenix
      indeed wizard, that is the case, and u cant just own a TV to watch DVDs either unless it has no tuner, which is a bit of a pickle, but i suppose you cant please everyone and there are far more people with TVs to watch TV than TVs to watch movies

      noel, i would stay stop watching the world cup if its that big a deal to you, the TV license is there for a reason, and its provided us a brilliant platform because if it, the BBC is respected across the planet as one of the best broadcasting companies in existence both in terms of news, original content and the qualitiy of its deliverables, a veto out clause might be good, but you sound like your more than enjoying the fruits that the license fee has brought to you :)
    8. slyuen
      yea I've got a micro-handheld tuner (like a USB stick) so it can be easily hidden/destroyed/binned, etc......

      good TV on BBC? nothing apart from the news is good.

      You might want to say we are evaser but there are people out there who are watching TV and are careful enough to leave no evidence for you to trace, therefore this system does not really work, a system that does not really work will not be fair to everyone, therefore it must be scrapped! Immediately!

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