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PSUs (again)

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by TimoftheC, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. TimoftheC

    TimoftheC Kilobyte Poster

    Ok, this is a bit of a follow on from this thread http://www.certforums.co.uk/forums/thread23492.html but rather than resurrect it I thought I'd start a new thread – please don't beat me if I’m wrong and should have kept the old thread going :(

    On the old thread I was testing a known bad PSU with me little tester and trying to decipher the results - I know a lot more now and can understand what is going on – or so I think.

    Anyway, I came to work this morning and was asked by a secretary to look at her computer as it was "dead" although it worked fine yesterday and was shut down as normal. Did the usual stuff (i.e. made sure it was switched on at the wall etc) and then opened it up to find that there was a green lcd light on the mobo, so it was getting some power. I broke out me PSU tester and plugged it in and read that the 5vSB rail was giving an HH reading which means its giving out too high a voltage (there was also a bit of a burning smell so I suspected it was going to be a problem as soon as I opened the case).

    My questions is,this is the second PSU that we have that has failed due to the 5vSB rail giving out too high a voltage (the one I was testing in the old thread gave the same reading) - is this a regular occurrence when PSUs fail? The computers here are all aging emachines and I doubt they shiped with a quality PSU, but I was just curious if anyone else had had a similar experience or had some other light to shed on the subject.

    Over to you guys :D
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  2. hbroomhall

    hbroomhall Petabyte Poster Gold Member

    I would expect that machines from a common source would have similar failures. But don't extrapolate this to other sourced machines.

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  3. BosonMichael
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    BosonMichael Yottabyte Poster

    eMachines aren't known for their quality. I've replaced quite a few eMachine PSUs.
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