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Project Canvas given green light by BBC Trust

Discussion in 'News' started by UKDarkstar, Dec 22, 2009.

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    Project Canvas given green light by BBC Trust

    The BBC Trust, the corporation's governing body, has given a provisional go-ahead for a project which could kick-start demand for internet TV.

    Project Canvas is a partnership between the BBC, ITV, BT, Five, Channel 4 and TalkTalk to develop a so-called Internet Protocol Television standard.

    It would see a range of set-top boxes available to access on-demand TV services such as iPlayer and ITVplayer.

    Set-top boxes, expected to cost around £200, could be available next year.

    The Trust reached its provisional conclusions following more than 800 written responses.

    Full story HERE
    Certifications: BA (Hons), MBCS, CITP, MInstLM, ITIL v3 Fdn, PTLLS, CELTA
    WIP: CMALT (about to submit), DTLLS (on hold until 2012)


    1. michael78
      this makes me laugh as for one most ISP's have a fair use policy including TalkTalk that is 40GB per month so that would have to be scrapped otherwise you might end up with a nasty shock on your bill (especially if your with BT as I've found out). Also the UK's internet infrastructure is pants so half the country probably won't be able to make use of this anyways.
    2. JK2447
      Good idea as long as the robbing so and so's at the BBC scrap the TV Licence. I don't mind adverts and I still fume when I see £12 or what ever it is come out of my bill account :rolleyes:
    3. Phoenix
      actually, you get what you pay for, the cheap ISPs who just piggy back infrastructure from someone else often have those imposed limits, but if you pay more than 15 quid a month for your broadband you should be able to get TRUE unlimited, still shocks me today the level of **** they throw around in regards to FUP, dont sell it as unlimited if its not, streaming media is the internet these days, make your ****ing network better

      ok /end soapbox
    4. Josiahb
      This. FUP really annoys the crap out of me, if your going to impose a limit just be open about it for gods sake, you'll piss off far fewer customers for a start.

      My broadband provider states the limit up front which is fine by me, I'd rather have that than find my bandwidth throttled out of nowhere.

      Of course I'd rather all providers spent some money upgrading their infrastructure so I didn't have to be limited at all, but I'll take what I can get at the moment.
      Last edited: Dec 22, 2009
    5. JK2447
      I'm lucky to have have Virgin Cable Broadband, its fast fast fast

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