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Plans for Firefox 3

Discussion in 'News' started by AJ, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. AJ

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    Browser Aims to Open up the Web

    The key developers behind forthcoming changes to the Firefox browser reveal their plans for how the popular program will change. The difference between online and offline, the web and the desktop will blur in the near future, Mozilla's Mike Schroepfer has said.
    The vice-president of engineering at the home of the Firefox browser said small changes to the way the web works will have a big impact in the coming years.
    "Things that are impossible or hard to do now, will be possible or very easy," he said.

    Read the rest of this story at the BBC Web Site
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    1. zebulebu
      Wow - that looks really good!

      I really admire Firefox for trying to push the envelope.

      Now if only they could FIX THE GODDAMN COPY & PASTE BUG THAT'S BEEN AROUND SICNE THE FIRST ITERATION OF THE BROWSER I might consider switching back to it full-time from IE...

      :x :x :x

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