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Pearson VUE Acquires Certiport

Discussion in 'News' started by SimonV, May 18, 2012.

  1. SimonV
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    Pearson VUE Acquires Certiport

    Pearson VUE, the computer-based testing arm of Pearson, have announced the acquisition of Certiport, a leading provider of performance-based certification exams and practice test solutions for academic institutions, workforce and corporate technology markets.

    Bob Whelan, CEO, Pearson VUE said, “Certiport is a successful global assessment business which perfectly complements Pearson VUE’s own high-stakes assessment model. We are impressed with the company’s growth, the high caliber of Certiport’s employees, clients, and partners and we look forward to the growth opportunities that will result from this acquisition.”

    Full Story here
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    1. simongrahamuk
      doe this mean that vue testing centres will soon be able to offer the MTA path of certifications?
    2. wagnerk
      And vice versa?

      I may contact them to find out :)
    3. wagnerk
      No, even though Pearson Vue owns Certiport, both are operating independently. I guess we'll be looking to become a Vue testing centre as well in the future...

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