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Discussion in 'Linux+' started by Pseudonym, Dec 11, 2018.

  1. Pseudonym

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    Passed LX0-103 last month with a 580 & passed 104 with a 660 today.

    Disappointed with score on the first one.. and I actually found the second one harder strangely. All I used was the Ross Brunson/Sean Walburg exam guide & the included practice exams, along with a home built lab consisting of an Ubuntu host & a variety of different distros as VMs. (Although the only guests I actually really used was the CentOS 6/7.)

    The book/practice exams are more than enough for the exams. If you absorb the info from the book that's mapped to the objectives you should pass. Don't take them lightly though, they're not a breeze by any means. Loads of fill in the blanks, and a few questions that require you to dig a bit deeper than the book on your own. Tough but fair exam. (Probably because it's designed by LPI & not CompTIA.)

    Learned loads, so I'm satisfied with the experience. RHCSA next.
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    Congratulations mate. I always fancied getting this cert. More because it would give me the structure of what to learn. I only know self taught bits and bobs.

    Thanks for saying what materials you used. Top man
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  3. Sparky
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    Congrats on the pass mate - good work :)
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  4. Rob1234

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    Well done, heard that is a tough cert to get. Do you use Linux in your day to day work?
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  5. wagnerk
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    Awesome, congrats on the pass :)

    Just wondering, do you still get the Linux Professional Institute’s LPIC-1 and the Novell Certified Linux Administrator (CLA) certification as well for passing the Linux+?
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  6. sheepluv

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    I cant see it anymore but I know the x2 Linux+ exams are scrapped in April 2019 to one exam with no LPI links.

    The current version of CompTIA Linux+ (LX0-103 and LX0-104) is offered in partnership with LPI, the publishers of LPIC-1, and those who earn CompTIA Linux+ may also be eligible for LPIC-1. When we release the new version of CompTIA Linux+ in 2019 (XK0-004), it will be offered separate from LPI, so you will no longer be able to obtain both certifications from the same exams.
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  7. Pseudonym

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    Thanks everyone and sorry for the late reply. Been a little under the weather, plus prepping my RHCSA lab, plus plus my home keyboard had about 5 broken keys so I've been trying to avoid typing on it until I got a new one.

    That's basically the reason I do certs haha. Nice rough outline of important things to learn about the OS.

    I don't to be honest. We have a CentOS server on site, but I only ever need to restart one service on there every.. year or so maybe, so basically not at all.

    As sheepluv said, for the current version you do still get LPIC-1, but not the Novell cert. In the future exams it will be CompTIA only.. in which case I'd advise anyone to just do LPIC-1 instead.
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  8. sheepluv

    sheepluv Byte Poster

    Time of year cold and stuff with this crap weather in the UK. congrats on the pass! :)

    Yeh agree. Even if you have used Linux quite a lot there is always area you may have not touched, good overview

    What do you think of Linux foundation? I know its a practical online test and works out cheaper but am I right in thinking the LPIC objectives are probably more thorough as it takes x2 exams and more time.
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  9. drum_dude

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    Well done!
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  10. Pseudonym

    Pseudonym Kilobyte Poster

    Honestly, never even looked at Linux Foundation. I just knew that Linux+/RHCSA seemed to have the most visibility to employers so went for them, so I don't know sorry.

    Cheers mate.

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