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Discussion in 'CCENT / CCNA' started by Pseudonym, Jul 2, 2018.

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    Had an email first thing this morning saying my exam was cancelled. (Apparently the test centre guy fractured his foot.) So I call Pearson Vue to see if any other test centres could book me in today. Nearest one was Wolverhampton. (I work quite a while away, so a bit of a drive :')

    So yeah, anyway. One of the most difficult exams I've ever taken. Really horrible experience. Felt like it was 50/50 by the end of the exam, but I made it. Scored pretty low on every domain besides routing and switching (which I got 100% on) so considering together they make up over half the exam, it was obviously enough to get a good pass mark. Elated at the end when I saw the score. 4-5 questions that I straight up didn't know what it was talking about (or even referring to at one point). So yeah. Big time relief. Very happy even after a long drive home.

    I used Todd Lammle's book, Packet tracer & Boson. Boson, again is what got me over the line. The simulations are just so good for prepping for that portion of the exam, and it actually gave me a few answers that weren't in Todd Lammle's book. The book as well was outstanding btw, mapped to almost every exam objective, although missed a bit of detail in a couple of areas. It definitely has enough CLI config in it. You don't need to go any deeper than his labs/instructions. Also, packet tracer is more than enough for labbing. Missing a few things, but they can easily be memorised. I always type them in anyway just to get the muscle memory going.

    Had a change of plan, and I'll be working on 70-533 for my mcse next, before finishing off the year with 3-4 linux exams.

    I'd say time for a beer, but I don't drink.. :) Time for a sparkling water haha.
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    Time to start drinking - congrats :)
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    Well done!

    Did you only used Todd's book? Any video courses?

    I'm using Boson too, are the questions in boson harder than the actual exam for ccna or?

    For me boson was harder than the real CCENT exam.
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    Thanks both of you.
    Nisseki - Yes, I only used Todd's book. I don't tend to do video courses so much. I usually just make notes from a book/google searches for missing objectives and then work from my notes. I feel like that's the fastest way to knock them out for me.
    Boson - probably a little bit harder overall yeah. But not by much.
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    Mate, that is some serious work.
    MASSIVE Congratulations!
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    Thanks mate. Good luck when you do your boot camp. Let me know how it is. I've never been to one.
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    Will do mate. My first ever one as well so will be an experience :)
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    Nice one mate! You seem to be knocking out a fair few exam passes, whats your study strategy? I always fear I over study for exams, trying to stick with the method of using one book and two sets of videos.
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    Congratulations that's great news. Onwards and upwards
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