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Discussion in 'MCSA / MCSE 2012' started by Pseudonym, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. Pseudonym

    Pseudonym Kilobyte Poster Premium Member

    Passed -
    410 - 933
    411 - 914
    412 - 742

    Went into it thinking that I'd struggle most with the 412. Although the score reflects that, I found the 411 section the hardest. I half guessed quite a few in that one, but must have got them right.

    Studied way longer for this than I wanted to. Life got in the way a bit, but there is a substantial amount of quite specific information that has to be learned for this exam. If you're sitting this, do yourself a favour. Get the JC Mackin book and pay very close attention to the exam tips.I have over 100 pages of notes if anyone's interested.

    Also, I've never scored more than low 800 in an MS exam before. This is difficult for a variety of reasons, but definitely not an impossible exam like I've seen other people saying before.
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  2. JK2447
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    Congratulations @Pseudonym, I've heard that exam is quite a beast. It can be really hard to balance life and studies I find lately. Thanks for the book recommendation which can be found here. Did you use any free resources for this at all? Any lab work or hands on in work?
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  3. Nyx

    Nyx Byte Poster

    Well done, was thinking of doing this one myself but can't force myself to such amount of study. Laziness it's called.

    Glad to hear sth good about ms book, they didn't have good reputation lately.
  4. Pseudonym

    Pseudonym Kilobyte Poster Premium Member

    Cheers guys.

    The MS book is quite typical, in that only gives you about 70% of the information. BUT those exam tips are absolute gold. I'd found several forum posts saying to pay attention to them, and they weren't wrong.
  5. Jaron78

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    Excellent work sir. Congratulations.
  6. Pseudonym

    Pseudonym Kilobyte Poster Premium Member

    Thanks mate.

    And JK, sorry I missed your questions before. No, all my study material was paid, besides technet. I also used CBT nuggets and MeasureUp. The latter I found to be particularly useful and miles harder than the actual exam. Also, lots and lots of labbing.
  7. Aara Kapur

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    Nothing is impossible here :-)

    Its little bit tough but if you will do hard work, you can achieve anything in your life.

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  8. muggesh123

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    Hi. Congratulation. You are done really great work.

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