Part 4 – Configuring Site Recovery Manager (SRM) With HP StoreVirtual VSA

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    We are now ready for Recovery Plans! So the question is what are they? Well a Recovery Plan is what we would like to happen in the event of a DR situation, let me explain what I mean.

    Let’s imagine you have two Exchange 2010 servers, one providing the CAS/Hub Transport Role and the other providing the Mailbox role,you would want these to come up in a specific order, the Mailbox first then the CAS/Hub server. That’s all great but I can hear you saying, but what about IP address? That’s going to cause me some proper dramas, in fact what DNS all of the records are going to be wrong!

    Well the panic is over with SRM we can address all of these issues! We can:

    • Bring virtual machines up in a certain order.
    • Change virtual machines IP address
    • Run a script or batch file

    Pretty cool eh? Right let’s crack on with the configuration.

    Read more here
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