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Discussion in 'The Lounge - Off Topic' started by Phoenix, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. Phoenix
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    Phoenix 53656e696f7220 4d6f64

    It just occured to me, that we all have one thing in common it seems, IT and our enyoyment of it, however perhaps there are other things some of us have in common? who knows!

    What do you like to do when your not in front of a computer? what are your hobbies and pastimes?

    I like Motorbikes, although I dont have a CBT yet but im still pining for my Africa Twin 750, terrible aint it :), I also like Quad Bikes (or ATVs)
    I also love the outdoors, and partake in Rock Climbing, Abseiling (former instructor) Canoeing and Kayaking (former instructor) as well as Scuba Diving (divemaster) and Sailing
    I like to go hiking and camping in the summer (or winter, im not that fussed) and I like snowboarding, even though I suck at it

    I play far too many video games, its a big hobby of mine, and its how i got into this industry in the first place back in the day, currently playing Warhammer 40'000 : Dawn of War

    So tell me, what do others enjoy? perhaps we all have more in common than we thought! :)
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  2. Rosy
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    Rosy Megabyte Poster

    My favourite passtime is shopping! :biggrin

    I also have a love for all music as long as I can dance or (try to!) sing to it. When I am not shopping I enjoy either being very active or very lazy; I like being in the gym (although getting motivated to actually go is something else entirely!) but then I love nothing more than curlin up n watchin a good movie.

    I am also a person who does thing excessively for a couple of months and then find that interest fades. My latest seems to be trying to play the Saxaphone although I am hoping to stick at this and I now have the idea in my head that I would like to take up paragliding in the autumn next year if I can afford it!

    However, that being said, I spend most of my spare-time daydreaming - usually while shopping! :oops:

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  3. flex22

    flex22 Gigabyte Poster

    It's one of my ambitions to either hang glide or paraglide.
    I just think it would be one of the most awesome things to do, and about as close to flying for real as you can get.

    I like to go hiking/walking also.My brother and I have been going to the Lake District, Snowdonia, the Penines etc for a while now.Although I haven't done hardly any of that for over a year (geez the time goes so quick) so I really must get back into it.In fact I may be going somewhere when I'm off next week, towards the Lakes, so I hope the weather isn't too bad.
    Lol still remember first climbing up Snowdon, I was knackered:!: lol, coz I hadn't done hardly any exercise for a while.I just thought, yeah it doesn't look too bad (which it isn't if your farily fit) but I wasn't at the time.
    Had a nice cig when I got to the top though :beatnik :oops:

    I love the natural world, ornithology especially, which goes hand in hand when out walking.Lol I know ornithology (birdwatching) is considered a bit sad, but I've found since I was a kid the many different species of birds fascinating.It worries me that I see less birds flying about, the numbers have definitely reduced :(

    I like computer gaming, which I do far too much of.

    Writing poems and stories.Was going to start writing some on here actually, as the other day the story/poetry website group I used to post on has gone
    I read about history, military history, love to study atlas's and maps, and read just about anything that's interesting, very varied.

    Sat here thinking about it, there's masses of interests and hobbies I've had/sort of still got, but I don't practice them much, so it's not worth going over them when I'm not active in them.I'm sure other people are the same.
  4. punkboy101
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    punkboy101 Back from the wilderness

    Well, I spose my main interest is music, seem's I spend all my time listening to it, wether it's work, play or home! Unfourtunatly, I don't play any instrument's, but I have been known to play around on drum kits occasionally. :drummer Not very good at tho lol.

    I love punk rock, new and old, but I also love drum and base. i go to a gig at least once a week here, but the Drum and Base scene is noexistent :(, one think I really miss about the UK.

    Apart from that, I like to go ATV'ing in the summer, and out on snowmobiles in the winter. I don't own either yet, so I only get to go once or twice a month.

    The rest of my free time I probly spend reading (IT, history, horror, sci-fi) or looking at tattoos or thinking about tattoos. I have 7 sofar, and another coming up next month hopefully. I got my first one at 17, and I was hooked. Although I've got the all where I can hide them when i need to, like at job interviews.

    That's about it I think, I don't really I do much else, I can be pretty lazy some (read: most lol) days, so I just sit chillin with my rat of buddies. :D

    Edit: just realised I wrote "with my rat of buddies", what I actually meant was chillin with my rat and a couple of buddies. Did I mention I also practise bad grammar:blink and not reading questions:dunce or what I just wrote, not just in my spare time, but all the time lol. :biggrin
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  5. christof

    christof Nibble Poster

    where do I start.

    Golf. Used to be a golf pro. Took it up at 14 years old and spent every minute thinking about it, even skipping classes when the weather was nice to go play. That's between us though!

    Reading. I read all sorts, from sport to novels, to history, religeon and spirtituality, and eveything in between. Quite an ecclectic mix really.

    Music. I just love music full stop, it's always on in the back ground. Again I've got quite a broad collection, from Mozart to " old blue eyes " Frank Sinatra, to 50 cent. I'm a massive R&B / Hip-Hop fan though.

    Art. This is one thing I have taken up again after not doing it since 3rd year high school. Mum told me to a language instead of art for GCSE, cause it would come in handy. I have a link to a web page that has a few pieces of my art work on it in my signature at the bottom. I'm currently in the middle of a Brad Pitt portrait.

    Games. Like Pheonix and Flex I play far to many computer games. I'm an absolute Championship manager freak, I just love it. I put a fair amount of time into Counter Strike and Ghost Recon though as well.

    I have also been through various other interests that are to numerous to list here.

    Suffice it to say that's about me in a nut shell.:)
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  6. shaunyboy

    shaunyboy Nibble Poster

    :beers2 :beers2 :beers2 :alc :sick

    Just about sums it up.

    Live music is one of my main interests, this started off when I lived in Leeds and saw the Cooper Temples at the cockpit, was blown away by their power, exuberance and puntuality and kind of enjoyed the ringing sensation I have had ever since. Went to my first Glastonbury this year which was great, where-else can you get trenchfoot one day and sunstroke the next?

    I love the marmite of Formula 1 (you love it or you hate it) and went to my first Silverstone this year and hope to go to Malaysia next year as a mate of mine is very pally with the FIA out there.... a dream come true!

    Sports-wise I used to do the gym fairly regularly but that is on a back burner till I get a payrise!

    Other things waiting for a payrise are simply p!ssing off somewhere for a few months; my last trip was to East Africa and I loved every minute. In fact I only popped back to the UK to make a bit of cash to continue the journey but went and spent it on a Computeach course.... I'll stop there before I get vitriolic.

    I used to be a green-woodsman (hedgelayer, coppice cutter and charcoal burner) and I am still interested in rural crafts and Luddite past times such as pole-lathing, permaculture and other tree-hugging activities. When I am bored of the city I plan to grow an enormous beard and move back to the countryside.
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  7. Jakamoko
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    Jakamoko On the move again ...

    Family-time, messing around with tools, music (as wide a taste as the rest of you so far, but especially reggae !!!), guitar/keyboards, online drinking and looking after this place. :eek:

    Yup, my life in 3 lines ! :biggrin
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  8. MrNice

    MrNice Kilobyte Poster

    Alright then,

    My one true calling is surfing, I surf as much as possible if there is a decent swell running, mainly around Scotland and the islands although I have surfed in Portugal and other places. Love to get away for the weekend or longer and camp out, get up at first light for the dawn patrol and see perfect 6ft waves unloading over a reef.
    Music wise I like a bit of everything, used to be a strictly drum and bass man but my tastes are mellowing!
    As for my other activities, the clue is in the name, not wanting to encourage any impressionable youngsters so I will leave it at that,

  9. nugget
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    nugget Junior toady

    Okay it looks like I'm on the line here.
    The biggest thing in my life at the moment is my family. My other big passion is motorcycles and in particular big fuggoff fast and loud ones. I love the drag racing scene and the best I saw was at Santa Pod raceway. simply awesome. I also build my own bikes and motors too.:twisted:

    Scuba diving, music, football (aussie rules) and K1 are also in the mix.
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  10. Fergal1982

    Fergal1982 Petabyte Poster

    erm..... think i might be way out there on this one! lol. im a practicing pagan (which means, among other things, i do rituals, cast spells, etc), although im not into JUST witchcraft, or kabbalah, etc. i tend to dabble in many things.

    I read, lots of different stuff, from caesal mor (irish celtic fiction, very good btw) to anne rice, to laurel k hamilton, and even terry pratchett.

    i like music, but i prefer songs to bands or genres. i decide on each song individually. most of my collection is of the harder nature (metallica, etc).

    i also roleplay, which is a big thing for me an my group of friends. we play D&D, vampire, star wars, spycraft, although not all at the same time.

    Thats about it really!

    EDIT: i also like computer games, like we all do i suspect, lol. recently bought an xbox so that i dont have to be careful about specs when buying games (laptops crap at running em), i like various types of games. the C&C range is always good. halo, burnout 3, that kinda thing!

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  11. Bull Gates

    Bull Gates Byte Poster

    Heres my chance I guess :blink
    I like to laze around listening to music when i've nothin to do which is really quite rare as i'm used to doing something or the other like now i'm posting my interests here. lol. :biggrin In music I like trance, techno, soft rock n ballads n everything else that sounds melodious to my ears. I also like flying (wanted to be a pilot @ one time but had to give up the idea due to financial constraints :rolleyes: sigh!!!) I also like to read books especially religious, spiritual, philosophical, though I've read novels of Robert Ludlum, Fedrick Forsythe, John Grisham, Sidney Sheldon etc. I'm also a bit addicted to computer games n i've played almost all available. I too like Ghost Recon n Counterstrike Condition Zero as well as Unreal Tournament, NFS & FIFA Games and Strategy games like Age of Empires 2, Age of Mythology, Empire Earth, Rise of Nations etc. I'm also interested in DJ-ing as i'll b joinin a DJ school in the 2nd quarter of 2005. Thats all of me!!!
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  12. AJ

    AJ 01000001 01100100 01101101 01101001 01101110 Administrator

    Well, i suppose it's my turn.

    Golf (not very good though), family, this place, music (mostly rock cheers Gav :biggrin), reading (David Eddings, Raymond Fiest, James Herbert, Lord of the Rings, SciFi + fantasy) oh and online and offline drinking :biggrin

    EDIT: Forgot Formula 1 when it's not just a parade
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  13. nugget
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    nugget Junior toady

    I thought that went without saying around here AJ.:alc:thumbleft
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  14. wizard

    wizard Petabyte Poster

    When I'm not pretending to be local IT support, I like to play pool and ten pin bowling, even though I haven't done either in a long time.
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  15. Phoenix
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    Phoenix 53656e696f7220 4d6f64

    Thanks guys this is great, its nice to see we have such a wide variety of hobbies and talents here :)

    I also like bowling rwa, did it just the other week with some mates, good fun

    and although I havnt played Counterstrike or Ghost recon for a while, I did used to :) (one 1 grand playing Ghost recon at the Combat 250 LAN)

    Music and shopping i didnt mention because, i figured they weer a given :) but its good we have such a wide variety of music lovers here

    I like pretty much most music, not into rap or modern R&B/D&B, much mroe of a Rock/Indie person, classic as well as modern

    keep em coming guys :)
    anyone like paintball? :D
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  16. wizard

    wizard Petabyte Poster

    I have considered paintball, but would my tubby frame cope with the running? :D
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  17. richsps

    richsps Bit Poster

    Went paintballing earlier this year for my brother's 30th. Got hit in the face and it HURT. A LOT! :blink
    When i'm not trying to mess my face up even more my main hobbie is motorsport. Been to quite a few G.Ps (best one was down under). I am a very keen photographer as well. Getting better over the years.
    My most expensive hobbie is travelling though. Just one mor continent to do and going to China next year for a month. 30th birthday present.(ish)
    Play far to many F.P.S's and have become quite good at them and still like to keep fit. Used to play rubgy union for Havant and Hampshire years ago and still like to run around a bit.
  18. Phoenix
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    Phoenix 53656e696f7220 4d6f64

    heh im short two continents mate
    my mothers moving to one, so thats in the bag at some point
    and the other is a tad chilly :)
    been to North America, South America, Asia, Oceana and err, Europe obviously :)

    list of countries is a wee bit longer than that though!

    never erally got into motorsports, but do try and dab my hand at photography, not very good, but learning :)
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  19. christof

    christof Nibble Poster

    for my 18th birthday I got given one of those racing driver days. It was at the two sisters race track in Aintree.

    Man it was the best day ever, although it was pissing it down ( what's new!),
    we started off in megane's being shown the racing line's etc, then we had a go.

    After lunch we went out in single seater formula vauxhall's, the fastest car I've ever expierienced bar none! and I've been in a few quick ones.

    We got the speech about being careful, if you damage the car your days over, it's very wet blah blah.........we went out, and being only 18 and thinking I could handle anything I got on the straight and nailed the throttle, only I wasn't quite straight. The back tyre grabbed the wet curb and I proceded to piroet gracefully towards the barrier, and landed arse first.

    To my embarresment they had to stop the session and get the saftey car out to me ( an old Y reg escort van with an orange light on top!! ).

    I'd definately do it again though, now I'm more mature..............yeah right!
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  20. SimonV
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    SimonV Petabyte Poster Gold Member

    As you might guess a lot of spare time it taken up here looking after the place and trying to promote us all over the net.

    When I'm not sat in front of a PC I like to be out with friends and a pint in my hand, I love a good knees up and over the years have become very good at it too :slidedrin :alc

    I did paint balling last year for a friends stag weekend and my birthday, a great day. I was luck not to get hit in the head but there were two others that did and from the size of the lump that came up within minutes I guessed it hurt "A LOT" :eek: Worst part was when they stuck me and my mate who's stag weekend it was in a tower and let everyone use up the last of there paint balls at us. I had many bruises that lasted over a week.

    I've tried may things but never really stuck at anything for a great length of time apart from this website, one of the best things was go-carting that was fun. I've still got an army day to go on where I get to shoot WW2 guns, drive a couple of tanks and other vehicles used in WW2.

    I love anything to do with WW2, from movies, books, documentaries to PC games. I'm not a big game player but love Medal of Honour, Call of Duty or anything similar.

    I have a coulpe of other website but dont really want to promote them here as they are not relivant to this site.
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