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Open University Advice please?

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by broze, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. broze

    broze New Member


    I have been looking at the courses available on the OU website. But am totally confused as to which one i should choose to begin with.

    The only qualifications i have in IT are a GCSE grade C, and a GNVQ level 1 (intermediate).

    I have been trying to get into IT for a long time now, and up to now have had no luck. I do ahve the A+ Mike Myers book and cd, and am abole to take a computer to pieces and rebuild it, install software etc.

    I just dont know where to start for the qualifications?

    Any advice much appreciated.
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  2. Wassup

    Wassup Byte Poster

    the A+ is a good place to start.

    Then build up experience, volunteering if necessary.

    it4c may have someone looking for some help in your area. It's a long and windy road, IT, but then everyone has had to start somewhere.
  3. Lev Arris

    Lev Arris Byte Poster

    great link I've been looking for something like that (although I don't want to wreck any charities lol) rep left
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