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Online library reaches million book milestone

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Dec 22, 2007.

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  1. tripwire45
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    Online library reaches million book milestone

    An international venture called the Universal Library Project has made more than one million books freely available in digitized format. The joint project of researchers from China, India, Egypt, and the US has the eventual aim of digitizing all published works of man, freeing the availability of information from geographic and socioeconomic boundaries, providing a basis for technological advancement, and preserving published works against time and tide. One and a half million books in more than 20 languages, including Chinese, English, Arabic, and various Indian languages, are now accessible via a single Web portal. The online library includes rare and out-of-print books from private and public collections around the world.

    Although not the usual sort of topic posted in the news here, I felt this was worthy of our attention. Find the complete article at Linux.com.
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    1. derkit
      When I read this I thought your book sales had reached the 1 million mark :D

      I think it's a great idea - pooling all our resources together.
    2. BrotherBill
      I think it's a great idea as well, although I tried searching for several titles that showed no results. Maybe in time, but still another great resource option when you're looking for something in particular. At least I hope.
    3. beeryoni
      hm, this is the first that i am hearing of this.
      it sounds like an amazing idea tho!
      it would be nice to not have to pay for books.
      but i still can not really get a hang of reading books on the computer.
      guess i am old fashioned like that. but the feel of a paper bound book in your hand is just nice and soothing.
      Yoni from Removed link
    4. tripwire45
      Sorry, yoni. There's a difference between a news item and spam. I removed your link after visiting the site.

    5. Tinus1959
      There are more projects like this one. There is the Gutenberg Project to name one. They are not as big as this one but still: www.gutenberg.org

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