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One million bank accounts going, going, gone for £35 on eBay

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. tripwire45
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    One million bank accounts going, going, gone for £35 on eBay

    When Andrew Chapman from Oxford, England successfully bid £35 for an old computer on eBay he wasn't expecting to have the details of a million bank accounts thrown in for free...Sometimes it seems like hardly a day goes past without news breaking of the staggering incompetence of both government and big business to protect the data being held about us. And so it should not really have come as any surprise to discover over the Bank Holiday weekend in the United Kingdom that yet another data protection fiasco has blundered its way into the spotlight. This time it is the not so small matter of an old computer that sold on eBay for the princely sum of just UKP £35.

    The full story can be found at ITWire.com.
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    1. Crito
      Yet governments and big businesses are trusted by default. It's only us lowly plebians that can't be trusted. :rolleyes:
    2. NightWalker
      This kind of thing is just plain embarrassing when it reaches the world media.
    3. onoski
      It just goes to show that a lot of these big companies are greedy and do not take personal information seriously. Well at least some government bodies are taking precaution by introducing entire encryption of laptop, PDA and USB memory devices.

      Talking about data security we just started installing SafeBoot encryption software on all our company laptops and soon would be the desktops.

      I must say it is an interesting concept as it encrypts the entire data on the hard disk and would be useless to anyone who tries to steal the laptop or desktop etc.

      Hence the reason I stated above earlier that most big company's are greedy and wouldn't want to implement the above which would save end users from having to bear these grunts. Well nuff said:)
    4. NightWalker
      All our laptops have safeboot installed. All USB drives that go off-site are Kingston safe traveller ones that have builtin encryption. All data that is sent on DVD or in email attachments is encrypted with WinZip and a 32 random character password. Its not hard to do this stuff, just sensible.
    5. Crito
      Governments and corporations shouldn't be allowed access to my private information. It's a matter of personal security. 8)
    6. craigie
      Someones going to get sacked!
    7. nugget
      You're kidding right?

      It's just ridiculous that as citizens we are not trusted until we can prove who we are with up to 10 different documents but we can't ask the same of government departments and other businesses.:x
    8. craigie
      Having worked for a major banking instiution, I'm pretty sure they will want the company to hold someone accountable for misplacing/not disposing there data correctly.
    9. Paul_o
      just found this article on my local newspaper website,looks like another mess up. interestingly the buyer used data recovery software to get the data off the drive.

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