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Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by tripwire45, Nov 6, 2003.

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    A few months ago, I completed a project where I updated a chapter in a textbook on WINS, NetBIOS and TCP/IP. I haven't been paid and haven't been paid and haven't been...you get the idea. Anyway, I'd already e-mailed my editor once and was told "the end of October". October came and went and no dough. I e-mailed her again today and she checked into it. Lo and behold, my invoice had never been submitted. Apparently, she had slightly misspelled the e-mail address when submitting my invoice to accounting and they never got it (and it never bounced). Mystery solved, but I hope the rush the thing now (good thing I don't depend on writing to feed my family).

    Speaking of which, I just signed another contract. It's a whole book this time, but don't get excited. You won't see it on bookshelves anywhere, though you may end up being "near" the book from time to time. I signed a non-disclosure agreement so I can't go into details except it's in the networking and educational realm.

    Funny, because the small writing project I'm doing now is due the end of the year, my current temp job is up January 5th, and the job I just contracted for is due (drumroll please) January 5th. A true case of feast or famine.

    Moral of the story is to keep plugging away towards a goal...either that of getting paid or getting jobs. If you please someone, they'll refer you to someone else with a bigger project...which is exactly how I got this latest writing gig. Cheers.
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    Congrats on the new writing Job Trip, looks like you're going to have a busy christmas :eek:
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    Congratulations Trip, Looks like things are going your way.

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    I figure my life will be working by day and writing by night. I told my wife I'll need some extra "space" in relation to her and the kids. I sent the signed contract back out by same day UPS (the employer provided it) so it's on it's way back east even as we "speak". I submitted my materials on the other job last night and got an "ataboy" from the editor via e-mail this morning.

    Of course today, I've eaten my fair share of humble pie. Still can't track down a mysterious restart problem on an older PC, I upgraded 4 PCs from Windows 2000 to XP Pro yesterday only to find out today that my boss didn't even know about it and wouldn't have approved it if he had. :eek: That shocked the socks out of me since I have the "to do" list from my predicessor saying to do the upgrade and I voice mailed and e-mailed that department head then spoke with him directly and he told me to "go ahead".

    Only one PC went fubar but I have a temp fix in. Turns out that a database we use called PTWin32 doesn't work well with XP Pro (works fine under Windows 2000) unless SP1 is onboard. I did the other three PCs, doing the upgrade and loading the sp and all was well. I had all kinds of problems getting this one to even take the sp. It wouldn't load under his logon so I did it logged on as admin. It didn't correct the database problem so I bumped the user up to admin on his machine and did the sp. Seemed to work fine and I verified it yesterday before I walked out of the guy's office. Today, he's got all these errors when he tries to open the database. He can eventually get in after clicking "OK" 4 times when error messages pop up about denial of access to certain folders.

    I made him local admin which temporarily clears the problem but I need to go back in and monkey with the permissions.

    Various paperwork snafus abound that I think I finally have a handle on. I still haven't heard back from Adobe on an issue I have loading Acrobat on one of our PCs. This is after bending their tech support's ear for two days and my faxing in documentation that we did purchase their software three times yesterday. Grrrr. :x

    Oh well, not everyday can be paradise. Speaking of which, the boss is off to the Florida Keys (he's a vacation-aholic) for 10 days starting today. He can be reached by cell phone in an emergency (yeah, right).
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