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Discussion in 'A+' started by Stupendous Man, Sep 6, 2005.

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    Thanks for the welcome everyone! I have ordered meyers all in one A+ book and actually cant wait to get started!

    at almost 1200 pages I hope this book is quite comprehensive and apart from some practice exams I am hoping this will suffice for my stuying for the exam. I am already comfortable buiding machines and problem solving so do you think I would need any more materials?

    Also, I have been looking at some practice questions and getting about 80% but need to learn more about mobos, memory adressing, processors (although I did remember the IRQ for soundblasters from my old gaming days!)

    Am I best to buy a book of practice questions when that time comes, or just trawl the net?
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    As far as practice questions go, it's better to buy them or mock testing software from a reliable vendor rather than search the web for them. There are quite a number of braindump sites out there you might stumble across and their information is particularly unreliable. Money spent on good material is an investment in your future. Good luck.

    EDIT: An while I'm a big fan of Stupendous Man, I rather prefer Spaceman Spiff. :tongue

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