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No IE onboard Windows 7 in Europe

Discussion in 'News' started by UKDarkstar, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. UKDarkstar
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    No IE onboard Windows 7 in Europe

    European buyers of Windows 7 will have to download and install a web browser for themselves.

    Bowing to European competition rules, Microsoft Windows 7 will ship without Internet Explorer.

    The company said it would make it easy for PC makers and users to get at and install the web browsing program.

    In response Brussels expressed scepticism over the move and whether it went far enough to ally accusations of it abusing its market position.

    Full story : here
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    1. Qs
      ...what a shame! *smirk*

    2. JK2447
      Just my opinion but I personally think if you've spent millions to produce an Operating System you should have the right to ship what ever software you see fit with it. I'm a Google Chrome man myself by the way
    3. Qs
      You mean Firefox in a google shell, right? :p

    4. nugget
      Finally some good news.:biggrin (I mean that with the 'uncoupling' of IE to the system there might be less problems with IE)

      Just a first stupid thought off the top of my head; how does one get online to the internet without a browser so they can download and install a browser of their choice to go online to the internet? :hhhmmm
    5. dales
      cant people just make up their minds LINK

      I can see why its a problem for some but to me pretty much we have got to a stage where a browser is a browser is a browser, whether its inbuilt to the OS or not. What about safari on mac!?
    6. dales
      By using one of those AOL cd's that that used to keep sending everyone years ago. I think I still use mine as birdscarers in my veg plot.
    7. JK2447
      HA ha remember them, the bird was fit tho :twisted:
    8. Theprof
      I think someone said something about microsoft creating and FTP site for those who wish to use the IE browser.... Basically with the packaging of Windows 7 will be included a set of instructions that show's the user how to obtain the application.
    9. BosonMichael
      Fanboi. :p
    10. wagnerk
      Why don't they just have a tick box during installation to ask if the user wants IE installed or not :rolleyes:

      I do like the EU/EC for some things; other things like this, restrictions on sales with D size peaches and too curvy bananas is just going too far, imo :dry


      BTW, because of the recession the restrictions on the above fruit have been lifted.

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