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Discussion in 'Voice' started by brick-it, May 28, 2009.

  1. brick-it

    brick-it Bit Poster

    Seem to sell a lot cheaper in the states (12 mbox version), was wondering if ok to get one for a voice lab, are these same spec as UK models?? TIA
    Certifications: HNC comp, C&G Electronics, CCNA voice
    WIP: CCNA security
  2. Tieken

    Tieken Bit Poster

    Formally, even though people buy the NM-CUE module with 12 boxes "implanted" by default, the license file (for these mailboxes) is stiil to be downloaded from the Cisco Download center and to be able to do so they have to buy a service contract for the module which gives them access to the Center.

    As soon as they get the contract, they can download the license file and any localization as well.

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