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    As I am doing a two year Diploma course in Technical & Systems Engineer with Nitlc, i felt that i would provide you with a couple of links to a list of employers in Nitlc's books and some job successes.

    This is due to the amount of messages i have read in this forum with regards to "What is the chance of getting a job?

    Are there any guarantees of finding employemnt during or after any course?

    Basically we all know there are no guarantees and you simply need to be very positive and go all out to find employment, checking all the recruitment sites, dropping off cv's to potential employers and volunteering your services with local companies to gain some experience as well.

    The secret weapon you have is, to be constantly positive in your mind and push yourself to the limits to find that right job, even if it is a cut in your salary.

    You must think of the potential gains that you will reach in the long term.

    Click on two links below:

    Companies that have employed Nitlc students

    Some job successes from

    With the amount of emploers on their list, well it does offer me some hope in hopefully finding a new i.t job, I never feel negative about anything when i want to achieve my goals in life.

    Thats what keeps me going!


    Certifications: Comptia A+,Network+ MCSA.MCSE
    WIP: Ccna, Cwna, Ceh.
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    Hi Stevie,

    Thanks for that, I have seen most of these on the nitlc student site and am looking forward to getting on with it myself.

    Newcomer at the minute, you are correct its all about the effort you put in and showing the employer that you CAN do the job.

    Pass the salt.


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