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NHS Jobs

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by NoCompanyIT, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. NoCompanyIT

    NoCompanyIT Nibble Poster

    Tend to have a high salary in comparison to everything else and don't seem to ask for much.

    £17,316 - £20,818


    £17,732 TO £21,318


    Has anyone worked in the NHS in I.T? I assume hundreds/thousands apply for these positions including people with degrees and many years experience.
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  2. Big_nath

    Big_nath Kilobyte Poster

    I have a friend that works for the NHS. He gets paid well, has no certs and had no experience before this.
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  3. supernova

    supernova Gigabyte Poster

    I think that it depends where you are.

    Around (south) here they all require experiance in support and references from at least two team/line managers that you have worked under.

    They all used to seem to require a lot of travelling site to site, which is why I have never applied at the time (dont drive)

    I have never seen a placement advertised like the second one .. seems interesting.. almost tempted myself
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  4. csx

    csx Megabyte Poster

    Yup same here in Kent. Desktop isn't too demanding... :)

    Feel free to ask any questions.
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  5. DapperDan

    DapperDan Nibble Poster

    Went for an interview there at NHS Sheffield late last year. Looked like a very decent place to work.

    In terms of feedback, I stormed the interview and gave good examples to the questions asked. What tripped me up was the technical test. Never seen Novell Groupwise in my life!

    What I had to do is get someone's files back that had been saved locally on the machine as the user was logging on locally rather than to the domain. There were other bits and bobs in there (such as adding a printer as the user could not print), but some of it was designed to trip you up.

    Managed to figure bits out for myself, but apparently another candidate did better than me on the test in terms of speed, but worst than me in the interview. Found out it was given to an internal candidate working in a junior position who had knowledge of the systems!

    Oh well, I'll keep on trying.
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  6. XDA

    XDA Bit Poster

    I worked for the NHS in an IT Engineer role for just over 4 years. Its a decent job. There tends to be alot of travelling between hospital/health centres/medical centres etc.

    You will probably have a job for life if its a permanent position. You will have a decent amount of holidays and work with mainly new equipment (Money no issue with the NHS!!) Tends to be alot of clinical software to get to grips with. The work isnt all that hard, tends to be boring alot of the time. Maybe that was just the way the IT dept where I worked was ran?

    My time wasnt all that enjoyable tbh. Pay wasnt the best, no training, fixed term contracts, under-staffed and to put it bluntly - I couldnt wait to leave.

    I would say go for it. There usually tends to be money for training courses and it looks good if you have NHS on your CV!
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