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Next or best move in CCNA after Exploration 1 / Best Literature?!

Discussion in 'General Cisco Certifications' started by acarmich, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. acarmich

    acarmich New Member

    Hi Guy's and Guyettes,

    Was looking for a bit of advice. I have just finished off my Exploration 1 in College and I will be getting tested next week. I read the Cisco Network Fundamenatals Companion Guide from cover to cover and thoroughly enjoyed it. For the next steps in my certification what book do you recommend that i move onto next to get me ahead of the class? I want to get stuck in and have the next block read, mastered and revised before we go back from Christmas Break at College on the 9th of January.

    I would appreciate some expert advice and you don't get so many experts in one place anywhere else but here! :D


  2. Simonvm

    Simonvm Kilobyte Poster

    You could just go ahead and learn the full CCNA scope with the Official Exam Certification Guides.
    They have a lot less clutter than the Exploration (at least, what I remember from a few years back) curriculum and focus on the things you should know for the exam.
    Certifications: MCITP: EST, MCDST, MCTS, A+, N+, CCNP, CCNA Wireless

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