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  1. tripwire45
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    Guess what I got in my e-mail a little while ago? The official first issue of the CertForums E-newsletter. Pretty nifty, huh? I wasn't even expecting it. I thought when it got to this point, Si would make a series of big announcements leading up to the event. Either I missed them, or he's getting cagey in his "old age". :wink: Good job, Si.
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  2. flex22

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    Yeah got mine earlier.
    I've nver heard it mentioned either, but it looks good.

    Good job Si :thumbleft
  3. SimonV
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    I thought I'd mentioned it. :oops: obviosly not. I've told somebody, but who? was too excited an just wanted to send it :lol:

    BTW, if anyone wishes to contribute to the next edition then drop me an email or a PM. I'm hoping to send one out every couple of months.
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