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New Years Escapades

Discussion in 'The Lounge - Off Topic' started by GSteer, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. GSteer

    GSteer Megabyte Poster

    That's right - Escapades.

    What was mine? Your never going to believe/guess the last 45mins of my life!

    Spent a very nice new year outside on the patio, wrapped up warm with K and with mulled wine - then, get a refill, nip back outside, close the patio door to keep the heat in and.......what was that noise... a snipping noise.... no way.... aw crap - patio door handle snip ahd locked up when I closed it.....

    Ok, check pockets... keys are inside....mobile is inside.... wallet is inside....


    1) Walk around to managers building see if she is in... Answer: nope, scratch that idea

    2) Get into the building and see if K had locked the front door. Answer: managed to get it as someone left
    but door locked... but at least we're now inside the building

    3) Try to force patio door....Answer: the fun begins

    Lock won't budge

    Lots of noise and ten minutes later I've managed to get the door off of it's rails and can just squeeze my hand/forearm in about 1/2 foot and rotoate my wrist to finger the burgler bar rails on the floor far enough out to grasp

    So, grab one rail, manger to lift a heavy 3-4 foot bar up but can't quite reach the lock

    Slowly extract another bar and attempt and engineering answer by wedging one diagnonally and pushing the base

    But can't get it far enough in at an angle

    Sit and think.....




    "I need a pool cue, that'd do it"

    Think some more


    Spotted a broom earlier on - next doors patio!

    It's lightweight aluminium stick 5 feet long

    3 minutes and a swift wedge in and flick up and we're back in...

    Holy Cow I think he's going to make it!!!!! I need a bourbon!

    Temperature outside btw....t-shirt, layer two fleece, 3rd layer waistcoat fleece, outer windproof fleece and hat or in plainer terms, -3 to -5

    We couldn't help but laugh

    The mulled wine is now finished and I'm hitting the bourbon!

    Happy New Year One and All - here's to 2011!
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