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new to this training program

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by sidimmu, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. sidimmu

    sidimmu Bit Poster

    and i could do with some help on where to go that would be best for me

    Have recently completed a degree in it and networking and been applying for jobs since July to start my career, but sadly is not happening right now :(
    I find my self best learning in a class room hands on with items and not sat reading through sheets and sheets of paper.

    i have two propositions one which i know i have made a mistake with after reading a previous thread on this forum, parted with money to get no help at all you know how it goes with TP's, so basically lost some money on this one.

    The other one seems to have a good rep on this site with some good feedback, which i have another interview with them to discuss wherever i can get on the course, had good feedback from a rep of theirs so far, they have on site study areas where i will spend weeks there learning. But of course the money with this company is a problem due to i cant afford the lowest package they offer without completely rogering my bank account over and my savings.

    Pretty much i am stuck and do not have a clue where to go or what to do with this situation.
  2. J.Hinds

    J.Hinds Nibble Poster

    Have you thought about doing some voluntary IT work to get some in field experience? or maybe applying to some companies to see if the would be willing to take you on and train you? (Like an apprenticeship)

    What sort of roles have you been applying for anyway?
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    WIP: MCSA (Server)
  3. zet

    zet Byte Poster


    May I ask what grade you obtained on your IT degree? If it was a 2.1 then you should be able to land yourself a entry level position. A degree holds alot of leverage over those who don't have one, infact alot of entry level positions I see require a graduate. Perhaps it's your CV? I know I had this problem but once I made a few edits (with the help of certforum) I started getting feedback.

    The job market sucks right now, I have applied for 100s of jobs, I have landed myself 1 interview (rejected), 3 telephone interviews 2 of which had now gone onto a face-to-face interview, a few recruiters calling me up randomly (admittidly I didn't have the experience for those jobs). I've probably enlisted on 14+ jobsites. What I'm saying is, maybe you're not trying hard enough? Give us some feedback on what you've tried etc.
    Certifications: BSc, MSc, A+
  4. sidimmu

    sidimmu Bit Poster

    hey guys, thanks for the responses so far.

    j.hinds i have been looking into voluntary work to get the experience but it would be testing my already heavy debt bank account, but am looking for suitable roles within that, apprenticeship roles i have also applied for as well but have had no luck with responses from them on it.
    I have been applying for mainly support roles such as 1st/2nd line support as a starting base but have applied for some junior database and network roles also.

    Zet, 2.2 in degree level which i was gutted for at the end, missed 2.1 by a little mark, was not at all pleased. could be the cv, i saw the thread on this forum about writing "The Killer CV" will be reading through that and amending my CV, i have enlisted on to a few job sites probably around 5, but have found more on this site to start signing up and applying for more so will be doing that. With them websites I have already used to apply for jobs id say I sent out around 100+ applications for jobs, most i do not here back from but have had 1 formal interview, 1 telephone interview and then the usual interviews with TP's.

    I have also been learning through microsoft for the following courses + Exams :
    Course 2261
    Course 2262
    Exam Code 072-270
    Exam Code 072-290
    Exam Code 072-291
    Exam Code 072-284.

    Thanks again guys!
  5. SimonD
    Honorary Member

    SimonD Terabyte Poster

    Word of advice, a lot of those exams you're talking about whilst good are going to be EOL soon. Certainly the 70-284 exam is very old (published in 2003 and it pertains to Exchange 2003, two versions old now).

    To a large degree it's the same with XP exam (72-270), whilst that's still a prolific OS in the industry a lot of people are starting to migrate over to Windows 7, you may be better getting some experience there.

    As far as other courses go I would have a look at the A+ and N+ as well as the MCDST exams.

    Also you need to try and decide what kind of career in IT you want, is it support based or something else?.
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  6. sidimmu

    sidimmu Bit Poster

    course 2261/2 is the mcdst coursework isnt it?

    i know i could do with learning windows 7 as im still using XP my self.

    A+ was offered to me by one of the TP's not the one that i have lost money with, the one i have not paid for, but N+ is not.

    ideally in the future id like to move in to networking side and pick up cisco/linux networking certifications, but currently with no experiance and just a degree i know that is not going to happen. I figured the support side would be best to get into and get the career started and work way up from there with more certifications along the way.
  7. greenbrucelee
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    greenbrucelee Zettabyte Poster

    Also to add to what Simon said a degree is not necessary but can help also dont over certify yourself for your experience level.
    Certifications: A+, N+, MCDST, Security+, 70-270
    WIP: 70-620 or 70-680?
  8. sidimmu

    sidimmu Bit Poster

    quite awkward with the post count, but there is a new post in the middle between simonD and greenbrucelee (btw love the name lol )

    im not going to voer qualify my self but do need get A+ or the windows certs under my name due to no one else will touch me, i have not had many rejection letters but the ones i have had do quote they have someone better qualified with more experiance which is standard to be fair.

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