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New to IT but have just done a course on 70-642 and will be sitting the exam eek!

Discussion in 'Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / 2012 / 2016' started by techmob, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. techmob

    techmob New Member


    i have been reading this forum for some time, today i finally registered. I have just been on a course for the 70-642 and will be sitting my exam later on this year

    i have only been doing IT for 1.5 years and that is mainly supporting users, fixing printers and a little bit of AD etc

    i have never really done anything with building servers or installing services.

    My work wanted me to go on this course and do an exam on it (they are paying) however i did not do any of the prerequisite as i have not even had any experience with server 2003 etc.

    i have limited network experience and having just been on this course i found it to difficult if i am honest

    the tutor whom was excellent was reffering to stuff that was in server 2003 that the other students knew (i didn't). i went along with the flow not to slow the class down but there were people in there who had over 10 years experience and knew there stuff, I felt i shouldn't of been there and probably didn't get as much as i could of got out of it if i had more experince in this

    I was able to complete the labs ok following the book however i feel most of it has not sunk in yet, understandable i suppose

    i am now going to be learning at home and will be making my self a virtual lab so i can learn that way

    Is it realistic for someone with my experience to be able to learn and pass this exam within a few months?

    I have CBT nuggets videos, microsoft self paced book and will be using this form for other reference (baring in mind i have never studied in my life)

    Work was going to put me on a network + course but they wanted me to go on this 70-642 instead.

    i have a citrix course in September


    p.s what would be the best aids in studying for this?
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  2. maverick81

    maverick81 Bit Poster

    I'm sure with plenty of hard work and commitment on your part you can get through it.

    I'm not new to IT I have been in the industry since 1997, I haven't taken any exams since NT4.0 so I suppose you could say I am new to certification.

    I'll send you some links to good study resources if you like, I'm looking for folk who are starting to take MCP's and form a little study group that way we can encourage each other to study and get exams passed etc

    Good luck with your exams :biggrin
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