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New PC recommedations...

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by GeeGee, Nov 14, 2009.

  1. GeeGee

    GeeGee New Member

    Hi folks,

    Post no. 2 for me, hope I'm in the correct forum..?

    It's my birthday next week and I'm looking for a new system (around 500 squids) - I'm currently running an HP d530\2.5Ghz\1.5Gb - i.e she's done me well but needs serious upgrading\replacing.

    Not sure what to go for - just surfed for a few hours but not sure whether to get a laptop, desktop or barebones. I can configure most H\W and can build my own system without problems (not an over-clocker\geek (no offence to geeks - I just lack the time to become one!) though!), and I wonder if anybody has any thoughs on XP vs 7 (how long is a piece of string:-)), AMD vs Intel and any cheap places to buy stuff (been using novatech for a while).

    I'm not a gamer of a developer. I work in support and like to use my kit to surf, listen to tunes, photoshop, webcam with my daughter, but hate waiting for said kit to do things.

    Just to give you all a laugh, my current laptop is a Compaq N410c P3 1.2 Ghz\256Mb\30Gb. I have a need. A need, for speed!!!

    Cheers y'all


    By the way, a piece of string is apparently twice the length from the middle.
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  2. zr79

    zr79 Byte Poster

    If you are prepared to use the, case, keyboard, mouse, monitor from your current PC, then you could just get a new CPU/motherboard/Ram and maybe a lite graphics card, a 8600GT or HD4550

    Intel E8200 @ £110
    Some 775 motherboard @ £50-60
    2Gigs DDR2/3 @ £40 or 4Gigs if using Windows 7
    HD4550 @ £40

    Or go with a pre-built, no OS though, this has 4 gigs of Ram and a pretty decent CPU, not as good as above cp u though, E6300


    As for xp vs 7, there is really nothing in it, 7 is actually currently less secure as security holes are being found all the time, it does come with directX 11 which is a major selling point for gamers but really it just cosmetics.
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  3. dalsoth

    dalsoth Kilobyte Poster

    Not too sure about the 7 is unsecure remark. Maybe I have been reading the wrong tech sites.

    Ebuyer is great and i also bookmark Misco, Dabs.com, Aria.co.uk and even Amazon.

    Novatech tend to be a bit pricey compared to the others nowadays and really favour their own brand stuff. They do a few barebones things though that are not too much of a rip off if i remember.

    Sounds like you want something for basic internet and media. I used to love AMD but really only buy Core2 or above at the moment. Aria usually do some great prices on their specials and you can usually pick up a core 2 quad 4 x 2.33 for under £100. Not too sure about how fast it is but considering your needs i reckon it would be more than ok. Then just pick yourself a motherboard and a few more bits and you are away.

    I am using Win 7 at the minute and like it. Mainly because it does the same as XP but with a few pretty graphics. Have not had any bugs or crashes whatsoever and i am using the 64bit version too. If you can afford it make sure to get Win7 just to futureproof yourself as i do not see any probs with it compared to Vista where i could not even get games to work half the time.

    If you want a laptop then i would still say Core 2 with at least 2GB and 250GB hard disk but you could do better maybe if you shop around. I prefer HP laptops myself. I know the HP 550 which retails around 400 quid would handle anything you needed and you could bump some more ram in if you wanted to.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2009
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