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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Fergal1982, Jun 7, 2004.

  1. Fergal1982

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    hey guys, ive been reading this (and last) months PC Pro, and noticed that they mentions a new BTX motherboard, and also PCI express, does anyone know of a good link to find out more information on this, but isnt too obscure to understand (bear in mind im only just getting into the A+ course)?? :cracking


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    the BTX motherboard layout moves the potision of the processor away from the power supply and closer to the middle of the board to allow more airflow to reach the processor, everyones been touting the micro BTX and nano BTX boards but do not feel that BTX is only for the small form factor areas, it will eventually replace ATX as the standard

    PCI Express is the long overdue replacement to the PCI bus, channels will have dedicated bandwidth, etc, so you could have a 32x slot dedicated to graphics whilst the rest are 16x, nothings stopping you plugging your graphics card into a x16 slot, but it would be pointless, pci express slots are supposed to be much slnaller too,

    recommend you do a goodle search for both as the results should be enornous
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    thanks guys. wb SimonV - good holiday? hope rosy didnt see my emoticon lol

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  6. flex22

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    Nice article, even I could follow it :D

    Quiter computers and better cooling.It's what we need to sustain modern PC's.

    I think I'd definitely get one of these BTX systems, for my next PC.But I'll have to research first, don't want to make costly mistakes, ie my maddeningly noisey laptop :x , which always overheates grrr.

    I'm actually on my Tiny (Vendor, the computer's actually not tiny lol), because my laptop was buzzing away.I love my old 1GHz celeron processor, it's really quiet.Just that the graphics are [email protected] and the processor (by today's standards) isn't the fastest.Plus it doesn't run VMWrae very well with limited RAM.

    So yes, what I'd love is a quiet machine like my Tiny one, but with powerful components.

    Let us know if any of you people buy or have one of these BTX systems.It's very interesting.

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