New browser wins over net surfers

Discussion in 'News' started by Fergal1982, Nov 24, 2004.

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    New browser wins over net surfers

    The proportion of surfers using Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) has dropped to below 90%, say web analysts.

    Net traffic monitor,, has reported that the open-source browser Firefox 1.0, released on 9 November, seems to be drawing users away from IE.

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    1. Fergal1982
      ive had firefox installed more or less since we had the launch on our news section, but i havent really been using it. meant to test it out, just never got around to it! but after seeing this i went back to it to have a look.

      initially it didnt have a lot of the functionality that i enjoy using Avant (session saving, url aliasing, minimising to the system tray, etc), but i had a look at a lot of the extensions, found a few that helped, then posted onto a FF forum, where a few people helped me find the rest.

      i have to say that i do quite like ff. it doesnt seem to quite as fast as avant, but i can live with that! im using it right now. the only problem i discovered with FF (on here at least) was that if i tried to open a PM, it would open a completely new window, rather than a tab within the current window. but i discovered that you need to change a setting in the config to make FF show the appropriate option within the options screen!

      i dont think its the easiest to use for changing obscure settings - certainly something you shouldnt really arse about with if you dont know what ure doing! but that said i think the browser is great! im seriously considering setting it as default.

      what do you guys think of it?

    2. punkboy101
      I love it mate, I think it's great. Much better than IE, and although I havent tried any other browser (except Netscape a loooong time ago!) I am happy with the product. No complaints from me!

      Although I do use IE sometimes, but only when I have to. [​IMG]

      Hopefully this will change as FF become's more popular and maistream.

      However, chance are that it will never become as popular with the public as IE is, simply because IE come's bundeld in with MS OS's, and it's what people are used to.

      As much as I dislike IE, my mum would certainly never use anything but IE, because "MS are the best, safest and I know it,and I can't be bothered to learn anything new" I'm sure she's not the only one with this attitude. [​IMG]
    3. nugget
      I've been using Mozilla at work now for about a year and I must say that I think it's good. As soon as I heard about Firefox I started using it at home and have used every version/release since. I couldn't consider using anything else and especially not IE, except for windows updates.

      All in all I'm very happy with it and I've taken to installing it as standard on all the pc's here and telling people that IE is not to be used.:D
    4. AJ
      Same here. Was abit dubious about a different browser but now I use nothing else, unless the page doen't load in FF :x

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