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Discussion in 'General Microsoft Certifications' started by spuddy1, Sep 13, 2003.

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    i finally went with the option of studying with ICS which im really impressed with as it suits me down to the ground, i know want to create a lab, wgat version of windows server 2000 will i need to install to complete the full mcse, i have a copy of windows 2000 server, but will i need advanced server?
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    You'll only need Advanced server if you plan on running a machine with between 4 and 8 processors,or between 4GB and 8GB memory. The only other differences between the base version and Advanced are that advanced supports Failover clustering and network load balancing. One word of warning though if you have the 120 day trial version of 2k server you won't be able to run a test domain with more that one DC, so you wont be able to test/use sites, subnets, replication etc.

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    Are you sure about that Luton? I'm sure I've had at least 3 DCs in my test labs while I was doing 70-224 all using 120 day copies of Win2k server.
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