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need help with small section on CV and regaining old knowledge

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by mallet, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. mallet

    mallet Kilobyte Poster

    Hey Guys

    I need some help with a small section on my CV. I got some help here a few years back for my CV and it was great. Its just, since the Feb 2011, I havent had luck getting getting back into helpdesk or desktop support roles because of the redundancy. I do however get interviews every month but get short listed with some recruiter saying I got a question wrong or some felt the other candiate was more stronger. I almost got a confirm post at the NHS this year and even got a confirmed email from the recruiter I got the job but the NHS pulled the contract job off the market in the last minute. But I am still remaining positive.
    What I done on my CV to avoid the one year and six month big gap, was to put another section on my to show what I doing present. Here what it looks like:

    Self Studies – Jun 2011 – Present
    Software Tester
    I am currently studying software testing techniques, mind mapping functions, concepts and its methodologies. I am also further reading software testing books and blogs.
    · Participating in open source web browser projects: Google Chrome, Firefox
    · Manual testing, finding bugs, replicate findings and submit bugs to Bugzilla
    · Writing test cases and steps taken to reproduce bug
    · Learning Agile Scrum practices and values
    · Selenium automation including recording and playback tests

    I have gotten interviews from companies and still got calls and even got interviews with this section, but I am not about the title "Self Studies" is right?

    The other thing I am looking to do right now is, brush up on my server and exchange. In all honesty here, I havent touch either in four years. Purely because my previous roles I have been helpdesk or desktop support I never had the chance to get any experience with these programs. I even passed first time round when I took my Server 07-215 MCP exam but I dont remember a thing now :cry: The reason why I am looking to brush up on these skills is because of the job spec I seen are asking for these skills including SQL. but recruiters are short listing people over the phone who dont have it. I am also trying to keep myself open to other jobs like software testing. not sure how thats seen when applying for desktop roles?
    Most of my IT skills have been from Office and gaining experience from printers and learning new programs on the way. But if anyone wants a copy of my CV, please let me know.
    Certifications: MCP
  2. Cunningfox

    Cunningfox Byte Poster

    Sounds like the CV is generally strong if it's generating plenty of calls and interviews, just need a bit of luck or some further interview/test practice to nail um. The only suggestions for the title I have is something like; Personal Development or Training in Progress, if there a certification related to what you are studying if so stick that in there as well, but to be honest Self Studies sounds ok to me.
    Certifications: CCNP, CCNA, MCP
    WIP: ??
  3. mallet

    mallet Kilobyte Poster

    cool thanks for the reply mate. Spent the last few days finishing off a application and funny enough, I just got offered to go to a assessment day in August :D
    Certifications: MCP

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