need help with Conditional Formating

Discussion in 'Software' started by Arroryn, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. Arroryn

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    I can do simple formating, but my manager has requested something a smidgeon more complex.

    They want a cumulative percentage on a spreadsheet that is sent out daily, for figure 'x'. But the person that updates this report is not very fluent with computers, let alone Excel. So that they don't have to update the formula every day, they want it so that the percentage column/row is blank until the day the figure is required.
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  2. moominboy

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    if you give a bit more info arroryn, then im sure i could ask my mate at work who is a whizz on excel, unless someone else knows?

    i'll get back in about half an hour.
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  3. moominboy

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    as i read it arroryn, you need a few cells/cell to be updated automatically with dynamic variables each day?

    but you can't really trust the end user to input them properly?

    we don't have any real idea to automate this but if you have an absolute address/reference which the formula would look in then you can hit CTRL-ALT-F9 to refresh all the open excel docs at once, from their respective absolutes.

    and maybe you could write a macro to actually input the data from Z into X cell?

    not really big on macros though...sorry!

    last resort, teach the guy to use excel?! :tongue
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