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Need help! :( A+ Lab - Directory Managment

Discussion in 'A+' started by PumpkinEater, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. PumpkinEater

    PumpkinEater New Member

    Lab - Directory Managment

    Objective: To experience directory managment at the command line.


    1. While at the root of the drive, create the following directory structure:
    I - - Personal
    l I - - Music
    l l -Jazz
    l - -Work
    l - -Reports
    l - -Quotations

    2. Syntax to create the "Personal" directory and its subdirectories in one step


    3. Syntax to create the "Work" directory and its subdirectories at a time.
    List ~ALL~ syntax required.



    4. Change your location in the directory structure to be in "Music".

    Syntax (Absolute):_____________________________…

    5. Remove the "Quotations" directory from your current location.

    Syntax: ________________________________________…

    6. Still in your current location, change your current directory to "Reports".

    a. Write down what your prompt looks like: _________________________________

    7. Rename the "Reports" directory to documents.

    a. Syntax: ________________________________________…
    b. What did you have to do before hand in order to perform the above step successfully?


    8. How can a user check to see if the rename process succeeded?


    9. Delete the "Personal" directory and its subdirectories in one step. When performing the delete, ensure that it is not going to ask you for confirmation of the deletion.

    Syntax: ________________________________________…

    10. Copy system.ini and win.ini files located in the Windows directory to the Work directory.

    Syntax: ________________________________________…

    11. Draw the current directory structure of work.

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