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My cv

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by volume, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. volume

    volume Nibble Poster

    Hey guys just wondering what you guys think of my CV as I dont seem to get any jobs with it so what could I do different with it ?

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  2. JK2447
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    Hi, not bad but I'd put your Education after your Experience and also flip your experience with Present at the top and past at the bottom. Jim
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  3. OnFire

    OnFire Nibble Poster

    I certainly agree with Jim, definitely put your most recent/present employer first. At first glance I just assumed you were unemployed from March 2008.

    Just a bit more to add and this is only in my opinion and ment to try and help you rather than offend you.

    Education I would probably leave at the top since it is one of the only IT related things you have done and it needs to catch an employers eye before your CV is binned. However your education is far far far too long and is wasting space with bullet points that mean nothing to me. (e.g Computer: Planning......just words)

    I would go along the lines of swapping the formats you have with the Experience and Education, i.e Have experience with bullets points and a short paragraph after education.

    The more you talk about your previous experience the more apparent it is that you have near zero IT experience. What you have written is good and well worded, but it is talking you out of a potential job and it is just too much to read.

    My suggestion would be:


    Date HND Location

    Brief overview of what you were taught and your single grade.

    Date MCDST Location

    Few details

    Date GCSE(or whatever it is now :) ) Location

    Grades A-C to included Maths, English, etc


    Date-Present Title Employer

    * Resolve technical customer issues in a timely manner
    * Co-ordinate and priorize workloads within a busy service desk
    * Anything you did what so ever that was IT and service related

    As for all the content you have on your CV currently, use it on taylor made covering letters if required.
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