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My Certification Life so far

Discussion in 'New Members Introduction' started by AlanRoadleyTech, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. AlanRoadleyTech

    AlanRoadleyTech New Member

    Well here goes with my first post here. A brief history; I first did a very basic PC building ourse at the local college, followed by taking the pre 2006 version of A+. I then followed that up with MCTS 70-620 (Configuring Windows Vista Client). It was then that I put a toe into the water by starting a part time computer repair business.
    As things progressed I updated to the later version of A+ (IT Technician) and recently passed Network +. The latter took ages due to some family issues and having both a part time job and a steadily growing business, and the fact that I think Network+ requires a slightly different mindset; you can see and touch hardware and you can play with software, but you can’t do the same with, say, the OSI Protocol Stack, it’s just a concept.
    I’m now looking to upgrade MCTS to MCITP via the 70-623 exam (Windows Vista Client). This raises some issues, which I intend to post about elsewhere on the forum. The Comsumer Support Technician route, which is what I (and a lot of other people) do seems limited compared to the certification opportunites for those in the corporate field.
    I would love to do Linux+ - just for the hell of it, and also a laptop repair course. I was sorry that CompTIA dropped the Digital Home Integrator (or whatever it was called) certifiaction as I fancied that aswell. As you may have worked out, I have more enthusiasm than I have time and money, but I find certifications addictive, even though I think that in the real world experience counts for a lot more, and I’m not sure if potential customers or employers are that bothered.
    Looking forward to hearing from you all.
    Certifications: MCTS, A+, Network+
  2. dmarsh

    dmarsh Terabyte Poster

    Oh sorry mate, we all had to suffer Vista, certification in it must be a nightmare !

    The 5 layer TCP/IP model probably more useful and applicable to real life for most people.

    Certs can be addictive but also rather pointless I agree ! :)

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