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My 602 review

Discussion in 'A+' started by Juanito, May 15, 2009.

  1. Juanito

    Juanito Bit Poster

    Passed yesterday with a score of 810, in comparison with 750 in the Essentials. I found it fairly easier than the essentials, although that may have been down to the fact I didn't know what to expect first time round.

    Pretty much my whole exam was based on Customer Service, Printers and Networking, and a little bit of Command Line stuff. Other than I had a couple of questions on device drivers and file pathways. I also had one question CPU socket types. I don't really remember much else.

    Anyone who passes their essentials shouldn't have any problems passing the 602.

    Study wise I read the Mike Meyer's book once, but didn't find it to be very helpful. I found my biggest help came from general experience and practice questions. Learnkey and Total Tester, which are fairly similar and I also used exam cram.

    I got absolutely no Windows 2000 questions, and to be honest I can't think of any differences between the Essentials and 602 other than the obvious slightly higher pass mark.
    Certifications: A+

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