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Multi Wireless access without cables & SLA

Discussion in 'Networks' started by sammy_bibs, May 28, 2012.

  1. sammy_bibs

    sammy_bibs Bit Poster

    Morning all, I have been hitting SLA in my labs and I want to take it to the real world. In my office there is multiple private wireless access points, I also have a ADSL connection. Currently I use a SKY wireless router to connect to the Internet through my one ADSL connection.

    What I would like to try and achieve is to replace my SKY router with a Cisco 800 series router, and have this Cisco router connect to the 3 visable wireless access points without cables. I will then connect to my Cisco device and set up SLA to send certain traffic to different APs under set conditions.

    I just cant seem to think of a way I can have a hub and spoke wireless design like this, can my cisco router connect to multiple APs or is it fixed? Do I need multiple wireless devices to achieve this, or is it a case of cables are required.

    Ideally this will be achievable without configuration changes on the APs, as one of them is a BT, one two are private for home use. (I have permission to use)

    Cheers in advance,

    Certifications: CCNA, CCNP, SCSA, MCSA, BSc

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