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MPs pass Digital Economy Bill

Discussion in 'News' started by wagnerk, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. wagnerk
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    wagnerk aka kitkatninja Moderator


    MPs pass Digital Economy Bill

    The Digital Economy Bill has been passed following its third reading in the House of Commons, after two hours of debate.

    It was passed by 189 votes to 47 and has managed to keep the majority of its original clauses intact.

    The controversial Bill seeks to curb online piracy, among several other major policies, all with the aim of stimulating the UK’s digital economy. It has caused ripples across the technology world, most notably because of its proposals regarding the suspension of repeat filesharers’ internet connections and also the measures (formerly contained within clause 18) that would allow politicians to block pirate websites without primary legislation.

    Read the article here.

    Compliments to Len for the find :)

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    1. Col
      Two hours! Good to see that they gave it considered debate. Still, don't suppose it'll matter in the long run. The Bill has got more holes in it than a thing with lots of holes in it....
    2. billyr
      It does not suprise me in the slightest that these snakes passed the bill.

      I believe although passed under the pretext of helping prevent piracy, it also allows the government of the day to block any information it considers crown copyright to be released on to the web.

      e.g any M.P's expense details or more recently videos to wikileaks etc.
      Last edited: Apr 9, 2010
    3. Col
      Yep, I'd expect Wikileaks to be in the firing line now. And also any pesky opinionated bloggers like Guido Fawkes.
    4. JK2447
      I'm all for stopping Pirates but I wonder how they are going to ascertain who are the bad eggs? Does anyone have any info on this? I'm thinking deep packet inspection but how do they draw the line between checking a download and snooping on you I wonder?

      I'm not sure I'm happy that its being rushed through as parliement is dissolved. If Labour were confident they'd stay in power, why rush....... just seems a little odd but I'm no politician.
    5. Josiahb
      Oh dear...
    6. Gingerdave
      I saw some quotes a while ago the apprently it is very easy to see when users are part of a torrent swarm - bandwidth use was also an indication, but I dont know how they would differentiate that from legal swarms like the iPlayer and the latest WoW patch. Clearly this is initally going to be a case of Torrents = Bad and I think there will be as many wrong proscecutions as they are correct ones.
    7. Josiahb
      I think your right there, unfortunately a large number of copyright holders are a) completely unable to understand the technology b) uncaring of who gets caught in the crossfire c) able to lobby politicians a hell of a lot easier than we are.

      According to this: http://www.theyworkforthebpi.com/ my MP couldn't be arsed to vote, how wonderful...
    8. Col
    9. Phoenix
      I remember the same discussions when SDMI was around, then when the DMCA was being put forward
      a decade later and nothings changed :)

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